Message: I Want to Stay His Virgin Anal Only Girl

Anonymous: Hi! I’m a vaginal virgin and I’ve been anal only with my boyfriend for two years now. I really love it and I want to stay a virgin and just be his anal only girl, but he’s been talking about wanting to fuck my pussy. I really don’t want to lose my virginity and would rather stay pure anal only. What should I do?

My answer is, by nature of my preferences and the topic of this blog, going to be fairly biased in favor of staying anal only and remaining a vaginal virgin for as long as you want to. Ultimately, you have all the say in that regard. If you don’t want to have vaginal sex, you don’t have to, and your boyfriend should respect your wishes without pushing you.

Some may say that you should try all things before making an informed decision which you do and don’t want to do. There is some merit in this opinion, but there is a lot of appeal for those who start pure anal only to just keep on staying that way, especially when they love it so much and are turned on by the idea of keeping their pussy fully unused but being very skilled and experienced at anal. I certainly love that idea, myself, and I see nothing wrong with it so long as it’s what you want and you’re happy.

Why not explain the appeal of staying a pure anal only vaginal virgin to your boyfriend, tell him that you don’t want to give that up, and see if there’s anything else the two of you can do together that he might want to try instead of vaginal?

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