Vaginal Virginity: A Man’s Perspective

Lately, a number of women who are vaginal virgins have shared their stories, experiences or desires maintaining their vaginal virginity while being actively anal only. You can view those posts via the #vaginal virgin tag. However, more recently, there was a post on the Anal Only Lifestyle forum wherein a member has a new girlfriend who is a vaginal virgin but who would like to lose her virginity and try vaginal, while he prefers her staying an anal only vaginal virgin.

So I’ve been seeing this girl for about s month and three days after meeting she told me she was a techniqual virgin. I like this and we’ve only had anal sex since. She wants to have a go at vaginal and part of me didn’t want to let her but to get haveing anal.

Follow the conversation from there to see other people’s responses, more details, and to share your own perspective.

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