Message: Anal Only During Pregnancy, Now He Doesn’t Want to Go Back, Part 3

You were helpful in your response to my last post. I thought very hard about what you had said. Which is not easy to do as I don’t get much time to myself at the moment. Still, I know that will change so I need to be looking to the future.

I normally wouldn’t expect to get answers to such personal issues, but it is kind of unique and you write so eloquently about the subject without forcing your views on people. I think that deserves recognition.

I am missing the connection that we enjoyed during our love making while I was pregnant. I’m not sure if it’s just a rose tinted view now I have more demands and less sleep, or whether it was the hormones during pregnancy. They do make women feel good about themselves (I guess there has to be some compensation for all that we must go through!). Perhaps I can’t recapture what we had but I want to try.

I simply don’t always have the energy, while my husband gets more sleep so he’s much more often in the mood for sex. I wasn’t trying to sound ungrateful for his affection. I’ve made a point of returning it and attempting to have sex when he’s aroused and I’m not.

I had never imagined my anus would be such a source of fascination to him, and that the anal during pregnancy was just temporary. Perhaps he had other ideas.

The short of it is that we’re going to try to continue as we were for the time being. It works out ok as not much effort is required from my side (I just don’t have it in me right now) but he can have me gently as we used to with me on my side. In it’s way it is kind of comforting and brings back good memories. Since it is unhurried and my husband is being very considerate right now I’m not experiencing much discomfort. Still wishing I could be more responsive for him though.

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Thanks for the followup, I’m glad that you’ve decided to stick with it and work to gradually get back to what you had during your pregnancy. I’m confident that you’ll get there, and it will just take time. Continue communicating honestly with each other and recognizing that the time post-pregnancy is a difficult time for everyone in terms of sex, energy, and mood in general. It can and will take time to get things back to “normal”, and it takes an effort from everyone to do so. Sometimes you just won’t have the energy or be in the mood for sex, and that’s okay and normal.

Your energy, mood, and enjoyment of anal as it was before will return in time.

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