Moving On From Your Vagina

Anonymous: It’s normal and expected for a woman’s vagina to get blown out from giving birth. But, since that’s all it’s for, what does it matter? You still have a perfectly capable asshole and mouth to enjoy sex with. Once you’re done with your vagina, you can move on completely from it, which is incredibly freeing.

dumbandpretty: You’re right. When I feel more in the mood—or let me qualify that: when I’m in the mood and capable of enjoying sex again—I suspect I’ll be anal-only from now on. And I’m not just saying that because I want no more kids—there’s always birth control, etc, for that—but because I’m starting to feel an ideological affinity for anal-only again, as strongly as when I first came across the concept. Though really, with two little ones running around and two more on the way, I doubt we’ll have much time or energy left for sex in the foreseeable future!

Thanks for this message—I love the support—kinky things, especially encouraging me to stay bimbo or anal only, really make my day.

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