Message: Shaggin’ Her Ass in Chicago

I loved the post from No More Vaginal in Vancouver.  It kind of made me think of our story:

My wife found vaginal sex uncomfortable and rarely had orgasms from it.  I usually had to go down on her to get her off.  With pregnancy vaginal sex became even more uncomfortable for her.

She’s the one that brought up the idea of anal sex.  We had never even had anal sex before we got pregnant.  I think it had something to do with her being pregnant that allowed her to take my cock balls deep in her ass on our very first try.  The very first time we did it, we both had the most intense orgasms of our lives (to that point).  After, we were both like Why didn’t we try this before? (just like No More Vaginal in Vancouver)  After that, it was like my wife couldn’t get enough.  I’m not kidding you when I say we did it at LEAST once a day up until the day before she delivered.

Due to her belly it was most comfortable for her to sit on top.  She would just sit all the way down on my cock and grind back and forth while I played with her milk-filled breasts.  Near the end of her pregnancy her breasts would just drip milk without even being touched.

After delivering our son vaginally, we were supposed to wait six weeks before having sex again.  Within a week and a half my wife couldn’t wait anymore.  Even as tired as we both were, she climbed on top and it was off to the races.

Although we didn’t have sex as much in the first few months after our son was delivered, it was all anal.  Within four months we were back to having anal sex just about every day.  We never even tried vaginal sex again after trying anal and she never went back on her birth control.

We’ve now been anal only just over five years.  Like you said, it just keeps getting better.

What a wonderful story, thank you for sharing! It’s almost as if her body knew that now that she had used her vagina for its naturally intended purpose of getting pregnant and giving birth, she no longer had any use for it and it was time to switch to just anal. It may not be a universal thing, but I’ve spoken to a number of women/couples who have experienced similar things, both in terms of vaginal becoming uncomfortable or painful and no longer pleasurable post-pregnancy, and just losing interest in it, with anal desires fully replacing them. Whatever the reason, I think it’s a great thing and really fits in well with the anal only lifestyle’s idea that vaginal is for procreation and anal is for recreation. And as you’ve discovered, it doesn’t just have to be a short-term thing during pregnancy—unless you plan on more children, once you’ve gone anal only, there’s really no reason to go back!

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