Message: If We Still Love It In A Month, We’re Going Full Time Anal Only

Anonymous: That’s the plan! If we both still love it like we do so far we’re going full time anal only! I think it’s pretty much guaranteed tbh and I’m really excited, I’ve kind of fantasized about it for a long time but I was embarrassed to ask for it until now and I think he’s really into it too, so we probably should have done it before, but at least we’re doing it now! It’s so good! Thank you so much for your blog and inspiring everyone to try this.

Excellent to hear! I kind of figured as much, since in my experience when someone tries anal only and starts raving about how much better it is, there’s a pretty good chance they’re anal only to stay at that point. Good luck!

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following response.

alwaysanalblog: It’s also an enormous sense of freedom to throw off the chains of stifling sexual conformity – AKA vaginal (procreative) sex. No longer doing what you are told to do, but instead with your natural inclinations and what feels best.

I don’t doubt at all that he’s really into it. He probably was as equally embarrassed to ask for what he wanted most. However, while most men are quietly enthusiastic about anal, it seems to be the women who are most vocal once they’ve tried anal.

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