Message: Loved How Anal Felt, But Embarrassed By Residue

Anonymous: I’ve only tried anal sex once— it was spontaneous (my partner and I were drunk) and I found that it felt amazing, but I was humiliated because i noticed some residue on my partner and made him stop.. is a mess common during anal? Any tips for a cleaner experience? I loved the way it felt but was so embarrassed.

If you’re concerned about even a small amount of residue, get an enema/douche bulb and use a small amount of warm water in your rectum, hold it a moment, then push it back out, and repeat several times. Don’t use very much water, just enough to flush your rectum. If you go too deep with it, you can cause a bigger mess, so it’s better to go small and repeatedly until it comes out clean, and then you should be good to go. You might want to try it on your own first to see how best it works for you.

Beyond that, I would suggest trying to not be embarrassed by it. While most people don’t like a mess from anal sex, it is a function of that part of your body, and so it’s best to just be mature about it and accept that sometimes it might happen and it’s not that big of a deal, you just clean off and keep going, or try again later. It’s definitely not worth letting it get in the way of enjoying the best possible way to have sex and share intimacy.

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