Message: Shaggin’ Her Ass in Chicago, Part 2

Anonymous: I’m Shaggin Ass in Chicago. I didn’t put it in the post, as I didn’t want to gross people out. My wife and I had anal sex at about 9:30 in the evening and she went into labor about midnight. When my wife was in labor a few hours later, she pushed and my cum from the previous evening came squirting out of her ass. The nurse told her not to be embarrassed, it was normal and it was just some anal mucus. Little did she know. She didn’t notice my hard on either.

Even with it being your cum and not anal mucous, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about—making love and cumming in her ass before her pussy gets used for the last time for its natural function of giving birth seems an appropriate gesture before moving on in your new fully anal only life together, especially since I’m sure you didn’t have the energy to do it as much for a while after that.

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