Message: Top 5 Reasons for Anal Only

Anonymous: If you had to list the top 5 reasons for recommending anal only what would they be?

  1. Anal sex feels better than vaginal. Done properly, with the appropriate preparation and warmup, it’s a more raw, intense sort of pleasure and can trigger far more powerful orgasms than vaginal sex. For men penetrating, it’s tighter, a more enjoyable and grippier texture, and he can feel her reactions and orgasm much more. Also, it allows for much deeper thrusting.
  2. Anal sex is more intimate. It’s the most private and intimate part of a person’s body, generally, and so sharing it with a partner and allowing it to be where and how sex is done between the two of them is an extremely intimate and trusting act, which can be really positive both for the sex and the greater relationship.
  3. Anal sex boosts arousal. Denying a woman’s pussy and replacing it fully with anal is an extreme arousal booster and can make her much more horny on a regular basis. Anal orgasms without clitoral stimulation have a similar effect of keeping her turned on and wanting more rather than going through an arousal crash after cumming. Many couples have found their sex lives and libido improving significantly after going anal only, and it can be a great option as a result for those suffering from decreased arousal in a relationship so long as both are on board with trying to fix that.
  4. Anal sex is natural birth control. This one is pretty straightforward. You can’t get pregnant from anal sex. People will sometimes cite cases of someone getting pregnant from semen leaking out and entering the vagina, but this is exceedingly rare and with some very basic care the risk can be entirely avoided. While condoms are still a very good idea outside of trusted long term relationships to avoid STIs, as a birth control alone, anal is excellent.
  5. Being anal only is a way of making sex all about pleasure, about taking control of your body and your sexuality and optimizing it away from biological and evolutionary urges to reproduce and focusing instead on our human needs. Subverting our bodies to replace the vagina fully with a different and better hole that’s perfect for recreational sex.

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