Message: Why Discourage Vaginal Sex?

Anonymous: Could you please explain your beliefs behind an anal only lifestyle? Why do you discourage vaginal sex? Am curious.

There are many different reasons that different people find the anal only lifestyle appealing or ideal for them, and there’s a good post titled The Many Roads Leading to the Anal Only Lifestyle which outlines some of them.

Anal, done right, feels better for both partners than the best vaginal. It leads to much more intense orgasms for women, and women are more likely to be able to orgasm from just anal than from just vaginal, but even those who need clitoral stimulation will have better orgasms than vaginal provides.

It’s far more intimate, partly because it’s typically the most intimate and private part of a woman’s body, partly because it requires more care and trust to have sex there, and partly because of the commitment people make together to become anal only and only have sex there.

It’s natural birth control without the annoyance of condoms (in a trusted relationship; condoms should still be used otherwise) or the harmful effects of hormonal birth control.

It’s a mood and arousal booster, and anal pleasure and orgasms don’t have the arousal suppressing effects of vaginal/clitoral orgasms for a majority of women, so the benefits of other forms of denial that appeal to so many women can be experienced through the anal only lifestyle by focusing on purely anal pleasure and orgasms, without denying the actual pleasure.

It appeals to a lot of people to consider vaginal for procreative purposes and anal for recreative purposes. One is clearly better for each, and it’s best to leave each for each purpose, not to mention very sexy to do so.

It brings people closer together and spices up sex lives with much more exciting sexual expression for both, and provides a sexy secret for a couple to share.

If you’re interested in it, why not simply try it for yourself for a month or two? You don’t need to make a long term commitment up front, just commit to a length of time and see what it’s like in reality. I usually suggest a month at a minimum to allow enough time to work through the initial kinks in the first few weeks and really understand what it’s like once you get into the routine.

For more information, I’d suggest visiting our forum.

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