Why Going Anal Only is Better Than Doing Both Anal and Vaginal

A question people sometimes have is why anyone would want to go anal only and fully exclude vaginal sex, when they could have the “best of both worlds” and do both vaginal and anal. While it may seem counterintuitive at first, there really are advantages to fully replacing vaginal with anal.

Pleasure and Arousal are Amplified With Anal Only

While it’s certainly possible to enjoy anal in combination with vaginal, and many people have and enjoy both regularly, the pleasures of anal get even better when making it the primary or only way you have sex, because you’re focusing entirely on it and mastering it as your source of pleasure. When you switch frequently between both, your body has to adapt to both forms of pleasurable input and you can miss out on the full potential of pleasure. People who go anal only find that anal just gets increasingly pleasurable over time the more they focus exclusively on it.

Additionally, anal leads to the greatest levels of arousal for most women, and going anal only further amplifies that arousal. Because vaginal and clitoral stimulation is often an easier outlet (but not a stronger outlet) for pleasure, it tends to effectively short circuit the anal pleasure pathways and get people to orgasm before anal can do the same, at least in people who are more used to non-anal orgasms. That, combined with the fact that anal orgasms generally don’t have the same arousal suppressing after-effects that other orgasms can, means that focusing just on anal pleasure and orgasms almost always results in significantly increased arousal.

The Benefits of Anal Birth Control Are Lost With Vaginal

Those who choose to use anal sex as their primary form of birth control have very positive results with significantly reduced risk of pregnancy compared to vaginal sex without supplemental hormonal or barrier forms of birth control. Many women have serious side effects from hormonal birth control and the idea of being able to have sex without worrying about pregnancy and without those negative effects is highly appealing and can be a major factor in going anal only for some women.

However, if vaginal is still in the mix, that benefit is lost and one has to still use other forms of birth control in order to safely avoid risk of pregnancy.

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