Message: Pregnancy From Anal Sex

Anonymous: Just a reminder that anal only sex is not birth control. You can still get pregnant from anal sex, although it is rarer. Have a nice day! (:

You can’t get pregnant from anal sex, though there is the possibility of semen coming out after and running down into the vagina. Even this is rare enough to barely be a concern for many people, but with a little care after to avoid this happening, many people do in fact find it to be an effective form of birth control for them. It isn’t 100% risk free, but neither is anything else. Everyone will need to decide on their own what forms of birth control they want to use, and if they want to combine others with anal.

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following response.

somethingobscene: Health professional here: I’ve never heard of pregnancy with anal sex, but in the rare case of recrovaginal fistula, I’d have to assume it’s possible.

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