Message: Anal Sex For Birth Control?

Anonymous: I wanted to know what you thought of using anal sex for birth control? I’ve tried several different birth control products. They all seem to have such negative side effects. My fiance and I have anal sex a couple times a week. We normally start with vaginal sex and finish anal. Of course, I know that we can only have anal sex if it was our method for birth control. Lately we have been trying to just do anal. It’s been better than I thought it would be. Do you have any suggestions for us

It’s a highly effective approach for many people, though not 100% effective. Some care does need to be taken to avoid semen leaking out into your vagina after sex, but otherwise it works quite well for many, and there are plenty of people who have discovered the benefits of going anal only not only for birth control but for pleasure, intimacy and more as well.

I’d suggest sticking with anal only for a few months and after you’ve done so successfully and think that it’s something you can do indefinitely, stop your other birth control routines and commit to anal only permanently at that point.

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