The Value of Free, Natural Birth Control that Going Anal Only Can Provide

There are many reasons to go anal only, but one of the fundamental elements of anal sex is that you cannot get pregnant from it, and humans have been using this to their advantage for millennia for that reason. After all, the vast majority of our sexual activity is intended for non-reproductive purposes, and it makes sense to adopt a form of sex that doesn’t result in pregnancy.

Anal Sex is Healthier Than Hormonal Birth Control

While artificial forms of birth control have been revolutionary for the sexual freedom of women and have made it possible to safely enjoy sex, a fact which should absolutely be celebrated, it doesn’t come without its own negatives.

Many women experience some sort of negative side effect from birth control, however. Nausea, weight gain, sore breasts, mood changes, headaches, and loss of arousal are all common.

With anal sex, none of those things are a factor, just the pleasure and intimacy of anal sex and the comfort and confidence of pregnancy-free sex.

Anal Sex is Free and Universally Available

In certain parts of the world, availability of cheap, reliable birth control is limited, and even when it is available, it still costs money. In the United States, birth control can cost up to $50 per month, plus up to $200 for an initial visit with a doctor. In our trying times where many people are just scraping by financially, that can mean choosing between eating or going on birth control.

Aside from the cost of a few toys and some lube to start exploring it if you aren’t already experienced, anal sex provides natural birth control and is free and available to everyone.

Anal Sex Empowers Women

With vaginal sex, there’s a constant reminder that its primary function is getting pregnant, which only serves to reinforce the persistent idea in society that women are primarily there for making babies, and reduces them as individuals. This then leads to judgement of women who enjoy sex, calling them “sluts”, because promiscuous behavior with vaginal sex carries the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

Anal sex, with its focus purely on sexuality and pleasure rather than reproduction, separates the baggage of pregnancy from sex and lets women be sexual equals who can openly enjoy sex and pursue it as often as they want without risk of getting pregnant.

Condoms Provide More Than Birth Control

It’s important to remember with all of this, however, that safe sex is still critical, even with anal sex. Condoms are essential if you are having sex with multiple partners outside of a trusted, tested environment, to prevent the transmission of STIs.

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