It’s Time to Start Thinking of the Vagina Only as the Birth Canal

In an age where abortion is rapidly being banned in parts of the United States and even birth control is coming under threat, it simply no longer makes sense to consider the vagina as a source of primary non-procreative sexual activity and pleasure. Now, more than ever, going anal only is the logical move.

Anal sex provides greater pleasure and intimacy than vaginal, with a much higher rate of orgasm for women than vaginal penetration can provide (less than 1/3 of women orgasm from vaginal sex). It’s also more desirable and attractive to a growing number of people, with anal rising the ranks through the generations and it’s now one of the top three most popular porn categories among Gen Z.

Most relevant to this topic, however, is the fact that anal is natural birth control and you can’t get pregnant from it. With hormonal birth control at risk of being next on the chopping block, not to mention all the negative side effects that can come from their use regardless, having vaginal sex is just too risky at this point if you aren’t actively trying to get pregnant. Going anal only provides increased sexual enjoyment and satisfaction with less pregnancy risk.

So, we should all recognize the vagina as being just the birth canal and not a primary sexual organ for the non-procreative sex that is the norm for almost everyone these days. Let’s move past vaginal sex for pure anal only!

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