Message: Trying Anal Only April for Less Than a Month?

Anonymous: What do you think about trying Anal Only April for a week or two instead of a month? I want to try it but a month is kind of scary to commit to.

Do whatever works for you. If you can’t commit to a month yet, commit to whatever you do feel comfortable with. However, I would suggest that you keep yourself flexible and open to the idea of extending it if you’re enjoying yourself still by the end of whatever length of time you do commit to.

I will say, too, that the reason I suggest a month is because it’s enough time to work through the difficulties some people encounter when increasing the frequency of anal sex and allows you to really settle into a routine with it and get to know it for what it’s actually like longer-term rather than just when doing anal sex intermittently or just a shorter period of time. If you just do it for a week or two, you might never get past that initial period where it still feels like a challenge at times.

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