Message: My Anal Only April Goals

Anonymous: I really like the idea of Anal Only April and we’re going to try it! I’ve wanted to go anal only before but this was a really good excuse to ask my boyfriend if we could try it as a challenge and he agreed! We’re going to try it with no pussy or clit for the entire month (I can cum from anal pretty easily) and my goal anyway is to stay with just anal after too if all goes well but we’ll see what he thinks at the end of the month. Wish me luck!

Fantastic to hear, and exactly what the anal only challenge months like Anal Only April and No Pussy November are intended for—something to inspire people to actually go ahead and try committing to anal only for a month and see how it really is for themselves. It can also be an opportunity for someone who already knows or thinks it’s what they want to explore it together with their partner and see if they want to get on board with the idea as well.

Of course, any month can (and should) be an anal only month, and someone need not wait for one of these events if they and/or their partner is eager to try it, but it can be fun and drive a lot of enthusiasm and participation when lots of people are taking the same challenge together.

Good luck, have fun, and show your partner just how great being anal only can be!

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