Message: Skeptical About Anal Only April, But I Love It!

Anonymous: I admit I was really skeptical when my husband wanted us to try anal only April. I like anal and we do it a few times a month normally but I thought of him wanting to not use my pussy as a sort of rejection. He seemed eager though, and he said it was just a fun challenge and he loved my ass so much, so he convinced me to try, but thought it would be challenging and that I’d miss my pussy. Well, I can tell you, I LOVE it and we’re just a week in. I’m so horny and feel so sexy and just want more!

A lot of people reject the idea of being anal only without even trying it for themselves and seeing what it’s really all about. That’s what challenge months like Anal Only April and No Pussy November are all about: giving people the collective opportunity and inspiring them to try it without an up front long term commitment beyond the month. Because the reality is that many people, like yourself, realize it actually is something really fantastic for them and something they enjoy a lot, and maybe even something they want to continue doing.

Enjoy the rest of the month (and maybe more)!

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