Message: How To Make Anal More Comfortable

Anonymous: hi! i’ve been wanting to do anal a lot more with my boyfriend and possibly going anal only but its so uncomfortable!! like so much to where i push him away which takes him out of his Dom head space. i REALLY want to give my ass to him. any tips on how to get used to the feeling?

I’d certainly recommend not going anal only until it’s comfortable for you all or most of the time. Practice is the best way to get more comfortable with it. Start masturbating anally on a regular basis—I’d suggest having a finger or plug in your ass every time you masturbate, and be sure to rub your clit or use a vibrator any time you’re masturbating anally or receiving anal sex. Clit play both helps you relax more, and associates the feeling of anal penetration with existing pleasures. Also try wearing a plug for longer periods of time even when not masturbating, and for half an hour or more before having anal sex.

Also be sure you have enough lube. Not enough lube can cause a feeling of discomfort even if it’s not actively painful.

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