Message: Wearing a Plug All The Time

silvercrow503Hello I need training advice. My hopeful sub is embarrassed by the idea of having something up her ass constantly. Any ideas on how I could reassure her and make her more comfortable during the starting phases of the plug training? Thank you

If she’s just starting out, she shouldn’t really even being considering wearing a plug all the time. It’s fine for that to be an eventual goal, but initial training should focus on making it comfortable and enjoyable, the hopeful outcome being that she ends up enjoying it enough she may become excited about the idea of wearing a plug more long term. Start just with anal play (fingers and/or toys) during other sex acts she enjoys and gets pleasure from, then slowly have her wear the plug at other times, perhaps while masturbating on her own at first, then sometimes around the house for half an hour at first, and working up in time from there.

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