Message: I Want to Go Anal Only, But My Boyfriend Likes Pregnancy Risk

Anonymous: So, I have a bit of a problem. My fiancee really likes to have vaginal sex, but my ass has always felt more like my pussy to me than my actual vagina. I want to get him to try going anal only with me, but he likes the idea of pregnancy-risk too much to want anal sex exclusively. Do you have any advice for a girl who loves anal but has a partner that wants vaginal? Do you think there’s any way I can wean him off of vaginal? He’s told me that he still likes for me to beg to be bred even during anal

Sorry for taking a little while to get around to responding to you, I’ve been considering my response for a while.

First, if you haven’t already, I think you should express to him just how much you prefer anal and that it feels more natural and enjoyable to you than vaginal and that you’d like to at least do it more often. Not everyone gets on board to go anal only from the get-go, but getting there over time is often possible, even if just by gradually increasing the frequency that you do anal until it becomes your new default.

It’s not quite the same, but perhaps a concession to his pregnancy risk fetish could be to treat him cumming in your ass as if he’s impregnating you—especially as you note he likes you begging for him to breed you even during anal. You can also do things like pushing out his cum and letting it run down across your pussy after.

A lot of anal only people treat the vagina as only for impregnation and the ass for sex and pleasure.

Can you get him on board with trying AO for a month? A lot of people have all sorts of reasons they don’t want to be AO before they seriously try it, and a lot of those reasons go away after a month or so of actually doing it.

A somewhat rambling and perhaps not very helpful response, but I do hope you’re able to work out a way for anal only to work for you, whether by showing him that it really is better, or by coming up with a compromise that works for the both of you.

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