Message: Anal Only New Year’s Resolution

Anonymous: My bf and I made anal only our new years resolution and since Jan 1 (actually we started a few days before so we’d already be doing it when the new year came) he hasn’t fucked my pussy and I haven’t played with it or my clit. I’m so horny all the time now! It’s frustrating but I love it and I play with my asshole when I feel like touching myself. It makes me feel really sexy all the time to know I’m anal only and my pussy is just a decoration. Thank you for the inspiration!

You’re welcome! Thank you for sharing.

It sounds like you’re on the right track and have found something you both really love. If you can get past the increased arousal and manage it effectively without giving in to your old ways, you’re in for a far more pleasurable life in general, and you get addicted to that increased state of arousal and want to stay that way, which reduces any urge you may have to use your clit to cum and ruin how good you feel all the time.

You didn’t say if you can cum from anal. Anal orgasms are often far more intense than clitoral orgasms (though everyone is different), and they also tend to have the effect of not throwing your arousal levels out of whack and making you feel asexual/turned off for a while afterwards as is usually the case with clit orgasms. Instead, you can usually keep going and have multiple anal orgasms until physical exhaustion becomes the limiting factor instead of just no longer having any desire to continue. So if you can’t already have them, you might want to explore pure anal only orgasms as a goal.

Stick with it, and you just won’t have any interest in going back to vaginal sex. Why would you want to, when it can’t come close to anal only?

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