Message: Girlfriend Can’t Get Enough Sex After Going Anal Only

Anonymous: To me, the best thing about anal only isn’t even the sensation or the fantasy, it’s that since we got into it, my girlfriend can’t get enough of sex. She used to turn down sex a lot, but giving up her pussy and her clit turned her into total slut that can’t get enough of my cock. She’s always ready for sex, and even makes the first move from time to time (nothing beats being woken up by a blowjob)! And she’s much more open to try new things than she used to. Yay anal!

There are a lot of reasons why anal only is the way to go, and this is definitely one of them. Going anal only really improves libido for women and sometimes for men as well. Nearly everyone who does it reports an increase in frequency for and desire of sex. Denying pussy and clit makes a woman want to get fucked in her ass even more. Funny how that works. Anal orgasms have less of an arousal-suppressing effect, despite generally feeling better than clit orgasms.

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