Message: Do You Hate Women?

Anonymous: Why do you keep pushing no clit so much? Do you hate women? Do you want them to not enjoy sex?

This sounds like a disingenuous and deliberately argumentative question.

Some people need clit stimulation to enjoy anal or to be anal only, or they just want it. That’s fine. You can be anal only with clit stimulation.

Other people like anal without clit stimulation and/or can orgasm purely from anal and so value that, or even dislike clit stimulation.

A lot of women, but not all, have some negative side effects from clit orgasms, like a significant loss of arousal or a depressed feeling post-orgasm, which for most doesn’t happen from anal orgasms. So it can have some of the same benefits as edging for arousal and a sort of constant, steady pleasure, but without denying orgasms and pleasure. As such, it can be really enjoyable and beneficial to explore and experiment with total clitoral denial alongside anal only. Maybe it’s not for you. But at least try it for a while and see if it is.

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