The Value of Pure Anal Orgasms

Regular readers of this blog know that I frequently encourage people to combine the anal only lifestyle—which eliminates vaginal sex—with the additional exclusion of clitoral stimulation for—despite sounding contradictory—increased pleasure and arousal.

It doesn’t always seem to be clear to everyone what the purpose of this is, however, and many simply interpret it as a kink focusing on the denial of pleasure. That may appeal to some people and may be a motivation for them, but it’s not at all the goal of this blog when encouraging clit denial.

Anal Orgasms and Pleasure are Better

When polling women who can orgasm anally, a vast majority of them agree that anal orgasms are more intensely pleasurable and full-body than clitoral orgasms. It’s a more raw, pure, primal pleasure, and very addictive—once you start to experience it regularly, it’s hard to want anything less.

Anal Orgasms Cause Less Arousal Loss

It’s no secret that clitoral orgasms often bring with them a crash in arousal post-orgasm, which can affect mood and happiness and even make people feel depressed after. This is one reason many women are interested in exploring orgasm denial, but with anal orgasms, no denial of orgasm or pleasure is needed—just a shift to anal pleasure and orgasms instead. Because unlike clit orgasms, for most women, anal orgasms feel great but don’t have nearly as strong a post-orgasm crash.

Pure Anal Pleasure Has Its Own Appeal

The idea of getting all one’s pleasure from anal sex without needing anything additional or external to be able to orgasm is a common fantasy and goal for many women who love anal or who are anal only. There’s something about the idea that is a major turn on to women and to their partners, and it’s one of the driving motivators for moving past clit stimulation to pure anal pleasure.

So, with that, why not try it for yourself? Let us know your progress!

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