Anal Only Two Years, Haven’t Cum From Anal Only Yet

Anonymous: Hi! I’ve been doing anal for 2 years now (honestly not as often as I want but I’m working on it!) and haven’t cum from anal only stimulation. I really want to, do you have any tips possibly?

ilikeitintheass: Aww am so sorry you haven’t been able to yet.

Ok, I’ll give you a few tips, try them all and see where you land. If you want to talk more, send me an ask off anon and I’ll message you to discuss.. xo

Ok, first thing, please make sure you are very clean before anal. And then grab your lube and start playing with your ass. Use your fingers. Start really slow, if you like porn watch something while you do this. Just close your eyes and enjoy the sensation. Use one or 4 fingers and keep moving them around and stretching yourself. Don’t force it just do what feels good. Rub your clit too or play with your nipples as you do that.

When you’re ready get your toy and start fucking yourself. Use lots of lube. Go slow, try to move it around, try to hit you vaginal g spot through your ass. When you find it, keep pointing at it and rub your clit till you cum.

Once you’re able to find orgasm this way, you can then try to find orgasm through just anal.
Things like edging and going anal only for a few days or a week will definitely help. When you focus on just your ass it makes it easier to orgasm like that. Edging especially, if you do that, you will be so desperate to cum, and one day you’ll be fucking your ass, not even touching your clit and you’ll cum.

This is what worked for me a few girls I know. I hope it works for you too.

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