An Anal Only Update

ilikeitintheass: I haven’t touched my pussy in a very long time. Even before I started anal only. Since I started counting, I’ve been anal only for over 4 weeks.

Of those 4 weeks, I was anal only and on clit denial for one week only.

When I have sex or masturbate, there’s always anal stimulation. My pussy remains untouched. I do have my off days when I don’t want to touch myself or be touched at all, but when I’m back to it, it’s always clit and ass.

I really want to be on clit denial for a while. I am not sure why, I just want to see how long I can do that for. It’s very easy to reach for my clit and I really want to test my own limits. I do orgasm from anal only without clit stimulation, but it’s a long process that sometimes lasts days until I reach a full blown anal orgasm.

I really want to orgasm from anal only quickly. Because when I want a quickie or if I masturbate, I can’t orgasm from just anal stimulation without clit stimulation. So I end up feeling even more horny with a lot of pent up energy. A nice feeling if I’m edging, not so nice when I’m in need of a quick release.

That’s why I haven’t been able to continue on clit denial for longer than a week at a time.

Any tips and thoughts are appreciated.

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