Message: How to Orgasm From Anal Only

Anonymous: Hi, I am not anal only. However, my bf loves it and I am starting to love it too. I haven’t been able to orgasm from it yet but I really want to! I can when I play with my clit but want to orgasm from strictly anal. Now that we are doing it more often I notice that when I am on my back with my legs up over his shoulders I start getting an intense amazing feeling building deep. Does this mean I am on the right tract? Do you have advice for me to get anal orgasms?

Yes, that’s definitely a good sign and something you should pursue further. Any sort of intense feelings building can often lead to orgasm if you let it.

I would suggest trying to minimize clitoral play for a while and see if you can let your arousal build and then focus on trying to build that sensation again and if you can get over the edge into orgasm.

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