Message: Hard to Relax, Worried About Getting Stretched Out

whyuaskinmeI love anal sex… but I have 2 problems. It’s difficult for me to relax enough to keep going for very long, my fault not his. I want him to cum in me more often, I think it’s only been twice unfortunately. The other is more of a concern actually…. I’m worried about getting too stretched out for obvious reasons. Any help?

Practice makes perfect for learning to relax and stay relaxed for anal sex. Start masturbating anally more regularly, and wear a butt plug before having sex.

As for your concern about getting “stretched out”, that just doesn’t really happen. Think of anal stretching as more of a muscle stretch like before exercise, it warms you up, increases your flexibility, and makes you less likely to injure yourself. It doesn’t make your muscles weak or “loose”. Your natural resting state will still be tight. Even people who engage in more extreme play with huge toys or fisting on a regular basis are still tight again if they stop playing for a while. So don’t worry about that at all, enjoy training your ass and having anal sex as much as you like!

In fact, the only real effect of doing it more often will be that it will be easier to relax and able to enjoy sex much more.

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