Message: Risks of Deep Anal?

Anonymous: I’m a little longer than average and while my girl doesn’t like deep vaginal but goes crazy for deep anal. She’ll be almost bent double knees up to her boobs so I can get it all up there. No complaints from me as it feels great. But I’ve read the colon bends and I worry that I may damage something some time. Doesn’t seem to concern her but I’d like to be sure its okay. Thanks.

If it doesn’t hurt her and doesn’t cause bleeding, it’s perfectly okay. You want to avoid painfully forcing something past sharp bends in the colon, but with warmup and practice it’s perfectly fine and safe to pass those bends—they straighten out temporarily in the right positions and with practice. Everyone’s a bit different, too, unless either of you notice when you pop through the bend and can really feel that happen, it’s likely she just has a longer rectum and can fit you fully inside without passing beyond into the colon.

Enjoy! Sounds like you both have a great time with it and are lucky to have a partner who enjoys the same.

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