Message: Butt Plugs Slipping Out

Anonymous: Butt plugs have the tendency to slip right out of me. They don’t stay in place and pop right out especially while walking. It’s not that I have a stretched asshole cause I only do anal occasionally and don’t use dildos in it. Maybe I just need a bigger, rounder plug? Maybe mine is just naturally more stretchable? Any advice?

This is pretty common with smaller plugs and with plugs that don’t have a big enough difference in size between the widest and narrowest parts, or if the neck is too short. Try looking for something a bit bigger or with more of a size difference in that regard.

Also, just in a general sense, assholes don’t really get stretched, despite the common use of that terminology, it’s more that with use and practice you can gain increased elasticity and relax more easily, which might make it seem as if one is “looser”, but that’s not really the case, and having more frequent anal sex/play/butt plug wear often actually helps to strengthen anal muscles.

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