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Hi.. I’m writing from clansmancro’s profile as his girlfriend/sub.. We are more than 10 years together but in anal only relationship for last one year.. Therefore, my question is about it.. Since my digestion is not reliable, having anal session needs a lot of preparation before and that is often not enough to be completely carefree and clean..
My problem is that everyday going to toilet is not enough, I probably have so called ‘lazy’ intestines… I have tried all sorts of things but nothing helps.. Do you have any useful advice which will make this easier so we can enjoy anal sex without thinking about what the if there’s something left?
And i must tell that we enjoy in some hard anal games so jus regular sex is not always our goal…

Talk to a doctor for advice on more regular, reliable digestion, but a few basics include gradually increasing your dietary fiber intake if constipation is often the issue or trying something like immodium to stabilize a bit more. A small enema/douche can help clean yourself out without being too involved or time consuming like a full, deep enema. Wearing a butt plug when not having sex can also help keep yourself stimulated in that regard and help things move along.

If doing harder/deeper anal play, the deeper enemas may be your primary solution, however. They’re an essential staple for deep play, generally.

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