Message: Helping My Body Adjust to Regular Anal Sex

anal-princess-pluggedI’ve been trying to get into regular anal sex and wearing a plug as often as possible since last November. Despite all the training I’ve done, I still get digestive issues (constipation, gas, bloating) and have to stop anal play for a while before I can comfortably get back into it. I really want to be able to always do anal and wear my plug most of the time. Any advice for helping my body adjust to regular anal sex?

I’d say to keep an eye out on whether there are any dietary factors that may effect your digestion in those ways more than others and adjust as needed to try and optimize things. A generally balanced diet with a healthy amount of dietary fiber is a good baseline for anal usually, though some may need to adjust further if they have any particular food intolerances, etc. that can cause increased gas or bloating.

You may also want to try some different types of lube—some lube can cause different reactions in different people, and if you’ve primarily stuck to a particular type, trying a few different ones might be a good idea.

Beyond that, I’d suggest not starting with the goal of plugging as often as possible right away. Instead, try it for a smaller period of time each day—maybe an hour a day for the first week?—and if you’re comfortable with that, bump it up a bit, and keep going from there. If you find a point where it starts getting uncomfortable to maintain, try sticking with a shorter length of time per day for a bit longer or split it up across the day a bit more before trying again. Your body needs time to adjust to the new change and suddenly being plugged all the time can cause things to get a bit out of whack and cause discomfort, etc.

Hope that helps a little bit or gives you some ideas to try and that with time you’ll be able to plug and have anal sex regularly!

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