Message: How to Avoid Ruining the Mood with Anal Only

Anonymous: Last night I got my S.O. to agree to a week of anal only! I’m so excited, but I’m worried running off to clean myself every time he puts the moves on me is going to ruin the mood! I need some advice.


If you have a fairly consistent time during which you often have sex (e.g. evenings) you can clean yourself in advance just to be prepared.

If you have and use a butt plug, you can put it in before possible sex time, both to warm you up and prepare you, and to help clean you out. Having a plug in can move things along, as it were, as well as provide you an opportunity to check how clean you are.

Not everyone is comfortable with just this, but if you have a balanced diet with a good amount of fiber, you’re generally going to be pretty clean anyway and can usually get away with just going to the bathroom in advance. But if you want to be totally confident that you’re clean, then you may want to do more.


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meandnooneelse138Understand that sometimes things can happen. And so what? My wife gives me anal almost anytime I want it. We are not into fecal play at all, but sometimes she does not have a chance to “empty” first. And you know what, it doesn’t matter. It’s still hot. It still feels good. And on the end there was very little mess. We just jumped in the shower and washed off. Of course we have a very comfortable relationship, so that makes a difference.

slutprogrammer: Don’t overdo the fiber, though. It can make things worse.

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