Message: Advice & Question From Anal Loving Woman

Up until a year ago I was an anal virgin. My current boyfriend opened my mind and my ass. I love anal sex and since we started i have been doing it more than vaginal (i still passionately blow him). After finding this blog i have some advice and one question.

Advice: Girls, never let a guy push you. A good anal lover allows you to take him in the ass willingly rather than taking your ass without being asked to. Once you have established trust you can go full-on submissive anal slut if you like, but make sure it is on your terms. You will enjoy it more, believe me.

Question: Are there any women out there who have experience with ass-to-mouth? The idea turns me on and I would love to surprise my bf with it (I surprised him with anal and he got so hot) but i do not want any health issues or messy things happening. How do you prepare for that kind of thing?

Glad to hear you’ve had wonderful anal experiences and are enjoying it more than vaginal (not that that’s uncommon!). Nearly everyone who identifies as anal only still practices various forms of oral sex, just to be clear—the name “anal only” can be confusing, but in almost all uses just refers to an exclusion of vaginal sex.

Thank you for sharing the excellent advice about not being pushed into anal. Hesitation or fear or disinterest in anal often leads to being tense and less relaxed when you try it, which in turn makes it far more likely to be painful or uncomfortable and not build positive anal experiences that leave you wanting and needing more. Do anal if and because you want to, and you’re far more likely to enjoy it and want to keep doing it for the rest of your life.

I am not a woman, and women should absolutely respond to this with their own experiences as well, but I can share my own advice about ass to mouth. Preparation comes down to personal choice, usually—some will only do it if they have anally douched or had an enema beforehand to ensure they are perfectly clean inside. Others who are just generally naturally clean most of the time will do it if their partner is visibly clean upon removal. In both my personal experience and conversations with others who do ass to mouth both solo with toys and with partners, I haven’t encountered any health issues doing it when visibly clean.

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