Message: Cleaning Out Before Solo Anal Play

Anonymous: I’m trying solo anal play and I’ve never attempted any anal play before. How do I clean myself out properly to prevent accidents?

Everybody is a bit different in this regard, so you kind of just need to experiment and get to know your own body, but in general, with a reasonably healthy and high fiber diet, the rectum—which is where most anal sex and play occurs—stays empty except for right before the need to go to the bathroom. You can try some of your first play in the shower in order to have an easy way to clean up in the event of any sort of mess.

Some people do regular anal douching or even enemas, but they can be a hassle. Douching requires that you don’t get the water too deep or else you can end up causing more of a mess rather than just flushing out the rectum. Enemas, which usually go deeper, can be fine on occasion, but perhaps shouldn’t be done regularly due to the risk of causing an imbalance of good bacteria that aids digestion.

Chances are, however, that you can get by with just going to the bathroom to empty out, then playing shortly after. If you have a butt plug, insert that after going to the bathroom, then remove it before play and if it’s clean you’re probably good to go.

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