It’s My Dream To Wear A Butt Plug Every Day

Anonymous: Hi, it’s really inspiring that you’re so dedicated to your ass. I’d like to have anal sex more often, and it’s my dream to wear a butt plug everyday. You have so much experience. Do you have any tips about keeping empty and clean? I’d greatly appreciate it.

dumbandpretty: Thanks! Well, dreams only come true if you work for them. Buy a beginner size plug and start wearing it as often as you can. Push your limits, gradually work your way up, and before you know if you’ll be taking cocks in your ass like a champ. As for keeping empty and clean: if you eat well (a balanced diet) and recognize that your butt is where all your waste leaves your body (i.e. that no matter how much effort you put in, there will be times when you’ll encounter feces) and try to bathe/shower before anal, it’ll help. You can also go one step further, which is what I occasionally do: enema kits are widely available and simple, if uncomfortable, to use.

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