How to Clean Up For Anal

analfellatio: Easiest way to clean up so you dont get many particles

The way it’s done in porn is to not eat much for a day and then take enemas until you’re totally clean (and probably keep taking them throughout the shoot). But that’s not really necessary in real-world sex, and can be too much of a hassle to be doing if you want frequent anal.

In reality, you can usually control your anal cleanliness by simply eating well and wearing a butt plug for 15 to 20 minutes before fucking. A healthy, high fiber diet will ensure you stay pretty cleaned out with minimal residue, and the butt plug—which, in addition to helping warm up for anal, also stimulates the rectum and can help to move things along if you will need to use the restroom soon—generally ensure a clean ass for a while that’s primed and ready to fuck. The rectum stays empty, assuming a healthy diet, except for right when you feel the need to go to the restroom.

Ultimately, however, you’re having anal sex. Prepare for the possibility of encountering something. It’s not a big deal and you can clean off easily and move on.

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cameltoe-mccougar: Here’s the thing: getting dirty is part of playing in the sandbox.

Have anal often enough and eventually you will run into poo, no matter how much prep and cleansing you’ve done. Just a fact of anal sex life.

So simply be mentally prepared each time you have butt sex for it to possibly happen. And if you can’t keep yourself from freaking out about it, then anal sex isn’t for you.

There is no hard-and-fast rule on what will work best or perfectly for you when it comes to prepping for anal sex. Just have to experiment and see.

With my partners (and with myself when it comes to being pegged or aggressive assplay on me), I’ve found that simply having a good BM not too long before sex, then a good manual cleaning with fingers and mild soap in the shower works fine.

And just from a dietary standpoint, I know what foods affect my GI tract. Some foods will run through me quickly, some won’t. That helps with timing of anal sex for me.

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