Message: Boyfriend Wants To Do Anal, How Can I Be Clean and Ready?

fuckmedaddyxxxxxxx: My boyfriend wants to do anal for the first time. He never has with anyone, I have a couple times with a much smaller dick. How can I be sure that I will be clean internally when we do this and how can I adjust to his size in my ass the night that we do this?

To make sure you’re clean, avoid any overly greasy/fatty foods in the day or so before you plan to have anal sex, go to the bathroom well in advance, and if you’re particularly concerned, get a douche/enema bulb and use a small amount of warm water to just flush out your rectum a few times. Avoid using too much water, as you don’t want it to go deeper than the rectum where it can end up causing more of a mess and taking a longer time to get clean. Just a little bit goes a long way, and you can do it multiple times instead until you’re sure you’re clean. Try doing this a different time before you plan to have anal sex so you can understand what’s involved and how long it might take. You can use a dildo after to confirm that you’re clean.

As far as preparing yourself for his size, it’s a gradual process. Start by fingering your ass to get back into anal penetration, working up to three or four fingers, and then find a dildo or something similar closer to your boyfriend’s size and start practicing on that. A butt plug can also be a great tool to warm up and relax your ass, but dildos are good for preparing yourself more fully. If you use a butt plug as well, try wearing it between training sessions as well as before having sex.

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