Message: Sanitation Before Anal?

Anonymous: So, I’ve never tried anal. But I was wondering if there’s anything you have to do before taking part in anal? Like, for sanitation purposes haha

If you eat enough fiber, the rectum generally stays pretty clean and empty on its own except for right when you feel the need to go to the bathroom. So, as long as you go to the bathroom about half an hour before, you should be clean. I suggest experimenting on your own in the shower to familiarize yourself with that part of your body and to provide an easy way to clean in the event of any unexpected mess.

Some people choose to use an anal douche to flush out their rectum with warm water, but this isn’t strictly necessary for everyone and can take some practice to use just enough water to clean the rectum but not enough to go deeper into the colon. I suggest starting without this and only using it if you feel it’s necessary.

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