Message: Anal For Two

So I’ve tried a few times trying to get my wife to enjoy anal but she let us try it twice and it hurts to much she says my dick is to big i try to explain your asshole is a muscle and she needs to relax so we talked about it and she said if she gets it i get it so we bought a strapon the same size as my dick i was hesitant at first but once it was in i started to really enjoy it know i want it more than she does to the point were she hasn’t let me on her bum since what can i do to get that ass?

Tell her that you really enjoy receiving it and you want to share that pleasure with her now too and that you’ve learned some things from receiving it which will help her enjoy it better as well.

Don’t try to go straight to having anal sex with her. Instead, start small with some fingers and introduce them into your regular play. During oral or vaginal sex, insert a finger anally. Make her cum while she has something in her ass. Gradually add more fingers as she’s ready. Upgrade over time to butt plugs and dildos. Try rimming her. Put the focus on her enjoying anal stimulation. Combine it with lots of other things that feel good for her. Make her want more instead of feeling pressured by you.

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