Message: Wife Won’t Let Me In

bruceiancandaceAny suggestions on getting my wife. To try anal. She likes it being licked and probed with a finger or an extremely small vibrator. But wont let me in with my dick.

Keep doing what she does enjoy and make it a regular part of your sexual routine together. Gradually increase the size that she’s comfortable with—once a single finger comes very easily to her, try two fingers, then in time, three, etc. As she starts to enjoy bigger things, get some more toys, butt plugs, small/medium dildos, and the like, and keep easing her into it more and more.

You can’t just jump straight from a finger to a penis most of the time. Everybody’s different, and some find anal comes naturally to them right away, but it’s a gradual process for many. Let her guide the pace while you just gently and gradually push it forward, and you’ll get there in time.

Be sure to make her cum a lot while you have your fingers and toys in her ass.

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