Forum: Introducing Anal After 13 Years of Marriage

From our companion Anal Only Lifestyle forum, user aredeejay3001 shares:

My wife and I are in our 40s, married for 13 years now with three little kids (ages 10, 7, 5). Our times for uninterrupted intimacy are limited to say the least.

I first got into anal in my 20s with girlfriends at the time. One girlfriend I lived with seemed to enjoy anal sex more than anything else. She probably would have embraced this AO concept! Another girlfriend introduced me to receiving anal pleasure by fingering me.

That was all over 20 years ago. My wife has never seemed interested in exploring this and I didn’t push it as I was very content with our sex life and we were both very busy with kiddos, jobs, etc. But it was still something that I was interested in, still something I would fantasize about.

But in the last year, everything has changed! And suddenly, anal play is now a regular part of what we do.

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