My husband wants anal what do i do ?

The wife initially admits she was all for it, but then has a change of heart as she worries it may mean he is gay.

This is often a worry brought up by people, but merely indicates that people react in a knee-jerk fashion, as all logic goes out the window.

Just as well that help is on hand for the wife with this sound advice:

it does not mean he is gay at all. Anal sex is another way for caring and trusting people to share a really close intimacy. My wife was not too excited at first… but we started slowly with light touching and some smaller objects. My wife enjoys receiving analingus and that brought out reactions from her body and mind that she could not hide… no one should force anything on you- but sex should be open and intimate… the sensations in that area are very intense… if you wire your mind that it is disgusting… then it will be highly disgusting to you… if you allow those feelings to be erotic you will find it a highly erotic experience.

Straight couples have been having anal sex since forever… gay men perform oral sex on each other, does that make a man gay if he hopes his wife will give him a BJ?

Just take things slow, let them be fun, and a little naughty.. and if you don’t like, then let your husband know that it is out of bounds. My wife was not sure, but let me tell you, she found out pretty quick that she liked it.

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