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I’m a 28M have a wife whose 27 we’ve been together for about 7 years got married for nearly 2 years. I was always interested in anal but never tried because scared to ask for it. but 8 months ago when my wife asked out of nowhere to put my penis in her ass mid-sex. at first, I was confused because I never thought she would ever ask for anal (i thought she was joking) so I asked are you sure about that and she said yes without wasting time I put my penis in her tight ass at first I felt very pleasurable but when I did back and forth some her feces stick in my dick which turned me off instantly because of that I didn’t even cum on that night and we slept in different rooms because of the embarrassment.

After that day, we made up and have the usual vaginal sex. we didn’t talk about those things from that day. After a week, we are in the car stuck in traffic so, I asked her about the anal stuff she said she watched a lot of evil angel, elegant angel porn(those who don’t know those porn’s have a common theme around anal) on that she was curious about how anal sex feels like that’s why she asked for dick in her ass on that day. so I asked her “how did she feel on that day,” she told me it was terrible and painful she didn’t feel good at all she asked me how those porn-stars do those acts, and then we came to the conclusion that we must be doing it wrong on that day and we gonna try again sometime soon and then

we did a bunch of research about that online(which also led me to find this community) and also I asked my friends and she asked her friends about these things she learned about Enema and much other prep work she also bought some anal toys and I brought lots of lube.

finally, when we are ready to do the did I begin with PIV and then I started fucking her anus. at first, I thought she is not enjoying but after a while, she started riding my dick like crazy I never seen anything like that from her before, she described she never had a more intense orgasm like that before. on that night we got so horny that we end up having sex 6 times on the same day we also did Anal to mouth. we didn’t sleep that whole night we both agree that that day was the best sex we ever had.

after that day we agreed we gonna have anal on a weekly basis because it takes too much time to prepare for anal sex than for normal sex and also those days when she’s menstruating we also gonna have anal on those days too.

after a month, on an anal day, I went straight for anal which she actually liked it. she told me she prefers anal over vaginal since then we are having anal only on anal days. we also realized we aren’t enjoying vaginal sex anymore so we start having a normal followed by an anal day followed by a normal day and soon on. On an anal day, we are having sex 2-4 times(we are getting lots of free time because of the lock-downs) whereas 1 or no sex on a normal day. she also spotted having Clitoral Stimulation at the same time.

and finally, in October we tried an anal-only month trial 1 week in she didn’t want to go back to having normal sex anymore because we both enjoy anal much more than vaginal sex and now she got faster with her anal prep so we don’t have to wait that much time anymore.

and now we are planning for having a kid so we promised each other that would be our last vaginal sex in our life.

since we started having anal we are happier than before we also changed our lifestyle such as eating healthy and light food, no more pills, condoms, and no more pregnancy check-ups every week, we are enjoying sex much more and we got much closer than before. all thanks to my wife who wants to try something new in her life led me to this awesome lifestyle and also shootout to those online guides.

and also to those who want to have anal but are scared to ask your partner. don’t be afraid who knows she also thinking about anal just like you.

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