My Wife Wanted to Try Anal, Now She Wants It All The Time and Is Obsessed

That’s the title of a discussion on SteadyHealth, where a man complains that his wife enjoys anal sex too much.

We tried 4 months ago anal sex with my wife and my wife was instantly obsessed with it. Now she always wants my penis in her ass. She said “anal feels so much better than vaginal”. I would like to have sometimes have vaginal intercourse, but my wife always guides my penis in her asshole. I do like anal and i like to put my penis in my wifes sweet ass. My wife has a big beautiful sexy curvy booty. Me and my wife have had only anal sex for 4 months almost everyday, sometimes 2-4 times anal a day, with no vaginal sex at all. Yesterday we had 5 times anal and today 3 times.

He doesn’t seem to be too bothered by it, though, and the other commenters try to get him to see what a wonderful situation he’s really in.

Why worry she enjoys and I presume you do to. Does she let you finish in her arse. ?

My wifes the same she can only get off with me filling her backdoor and her rubbing her clit till she gets off. The only problem is that as soon as she come she makes me pull it out as it hurts I then have to wank off which is fine given the pleasure she gets from it.

Your a lucky man, stop complaining. I tried anal with my wife one time, she said it hurt too much and never let me near her ass again.


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