Message: Should I Be Worried My Girlfriend Prefers Anal & Dislikes Vaginal?

Anonymous: Is it weird for a girl to dislike vaginal stimulation entirely? My girlfriend only wants me to pay attention to her ass during sex, and she’s even told me that she’s always exclusively played with her butt when she masturbates. I was a bit shocked at first, since she’s a very prim and proper kind of girl, but now I’m really starting to prefer anal as well. Should I be worried at all?

Worried about what? There’s absolutely nothing to be worried about. Everybody has different physical and experiential pleasure centers and triggers, and yes, some women dislike vaginal stimulation or even experience discomfort and pain from it, instead preferring anal even for masturbation. It’s more common than you might think, in fact, for some girls to start masturbating and/or having sex anally and then staying that way (or wanting to) because vaginal doesn’t feel as good to them.

Enjoy it together and enjoy each other. Like you said, you’re starting to prefer anal now as well. So keep doing what you both prefer. Happy buttfucking!

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