Message: How to Tell a Guy I’m Anal Only?

analangelicaHow do I tell a guy I am anal only, without it being weird? The last guy I tried to ask to only do anal, looked at me like I was crazy and then told me he wasn’t into anal. We ended up having sex, but no anal….

Weird is a matter of perspective. Being anal only is not weird for you, while having vaginal sex is. For that guy, vaginal sex was normal and anal/anal only was weird. The real issues was that you just weren’t sexually compatible. It sounds like you know what you need and what works for you sexually and just need to make it clear that vaginal is off the table when hooking up for guys and if they aren’t interested, that’s just a good sign that sex between the two of you probably isn’t very compatible.

You can phrase it in a way to make it less awkward and framing it positively, like “Hey, I hope it’s not a problem, but I’m an anal only girl and I don’t do vaginal sex but I’d love to do anal with you.” — but ultimately, if they aren’t interested, there’s not much you can do with that person.

I’d encourage looking for the many guys who do love and prefer anal and see anal only women as the amazing treasure they really are.

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