Featured Forum Discussion: What is the Appeal of Anal Only?

From a discussion on the Anal Only Lifestyle forums, user Strident asks:

We all know there are lots of reasons to like anal but I find myself wondering why anal ONLY is so appealing to me?

Let’s be more specific: the idea of being with a girl who wants anal only is appealing.

Which is fundamentally different from being with a girl who likes both vaginal and anal but is quite happy to go anal only.

To be specific, I find the idea of a girl actively disliking vaginal (and that being her reason for wanting anal) sexy?! Why is that?

A small conversation ensues, with a number of interesting points.

I agree. The fact that my wife has come to dislike anything in her vagina is appealing to me. She doesn’t mind clit stimulation, but finds anything in her vagina uncomfortable and a turn off. Once, when I was concerned she might really be anal only for me, I asked her if she ever thought she might want vaginal sex. She was worried I was asking because I wanted vaginal sex. When I assured her I didn’t she said, “Good, because your cock only belongs in my ass.”

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