Message: I’m Repulsed by Vaginal and It Makes Me Feel Like a Weirdo

Anonymous: idk if im the only one that feels this way, but on a personal level, for me, i always get repulsed or disgusted when i hear the mentions of vaginal penetration or even see vaginal penetration, i dunno why, but this is how i actually feel to be honest. vaginal disgusts me for weird reasons (being on birth control, having menstrual cycle, afraid of getting pregnant, mainstream porn, negative perceptions). im not saying everyone should not try anal, it’s just that i hate it when people who have positive anal sex treats anal as dirty and kinky, when it’s literally pleasurable and hot, like?? anything sex (except anal sex) repulses me. i sorry for bringing some negativity and sounding like a prude, i wanted to rant since this situation had got me feeling icky and terrible (im a girl btw)

You’re definitely not alone, a lot of people share anywhere from a disinterest to an active dislike of vaginal penetration or sex, for a variety of reasons. And you shouldn’t feel ashamed or weird about it, if you don’t like it you don’t like it, and anal is definitely the better option anyway, so just focus on that and how much you enjoy it instead!

If you face anal negativity, counter it with anal positivity of your own and talk about how nice and pleasurable and sexy it is instead. Spread the joy and love of anal to others and be an encouraging force for people to try it, like it, and want more of it.

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